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Best Puzzle Games for Android

The best puzzle games for Android are in Game Show Adventure and is fast becoming a classic even though it's only 3 months old! We are going to take a look at the many puzzle games you will find in this colossal trivia and puzzle game. You will learn how to play them and the best strategy you should take to give you the best chance of beating these incredibly fun puzzle games. If you get stuck on any of the puzzles tap on the passes on the right hand side of the screen and you'll get another puzzle to try. If you think you're close to solving any of the puzzles but time is running out then don't forget to tap on the hour glasses bottom right to reset the clock.

Free Android Game

If you don't have the game yet then download it for your Android device here: General Trivia

 Game Show Puzzle Games for Android

We will start with the two main puzzle games that you will find in every pyramid, Conundrum and Catchphrase. Many people have a mental block when it comes to unscrambling letters to make a word, this kind of anagram puzzle is made even more difficult because there is only one solution and to confuse you even more the letters of the word have been arranged to look like a sentence or another word, crikey!
Conundrum - The anagram word puzzle game.
Conundrum is by far the most difficult game for many people but there are steps you can take to make life a lot easier for you so read on. Look at the word and see if there are any common combinations of letters in it, I always look for endings first, "ing", "red", "ened", "sted", "ate", "ter" and so on. Also look for letters that generally go together, "th", "sh", "ph", "gh", "qu", "tr" etc. If nothing is jumping out at you start typing out random letters and maybe if you look at them in a different order you will spot the word. If all else fails tap on the magnifying glasses bottom left and you will be given a clue to the word you're looking for, eight times out of ten a clue will reveal the answer to you in a flash.

Catchphrase game for Android

This puzzle game is a lot easier to master although you will get some that you simply can't solve, even the obvious ones! Once again there are ways to make it a little easier.
Catchphrase Android Game

First of all you should be looking at the blank tiles so you know how many words there are in the phrase. Many well known phrases have more than one way of saying them so knowing how many words and how many letters are in each word gives you a good clue right from the outset. If you see two words in the middle of the phrase made of two letters followed by three letters then you might deduce the phrase has "in the", "on the" or "of the" in it. The biggest clue of course is the picture, the old saying from Catchphrase the TV show was "say what you see", literally! In the picture above it's obvious one of the words is envelope, the last word. The second word is three letters long so is probably "the". Looking at the stick man you can see he's pushing the envelope and there you have the catchphrase, "push the envelope". If you get stuck on these then tapping on the magnifying glasses reveals every other letter, basically giving the game away.

Word games for Android

This word puzzle is quite tricky and without any help from me you might get very frustrated with it.
Word Game
The object of this puzzle is to spell Gameshow, first by tapping a letter then tapping a direction. What makes this hard is that you don't have any control over positioning the letters. If you tap the "S" in the above picture then tap the left arrow the "S" will slide all the way to the left hand side. So to get the "G" into the correct place you will have to slide the "S", "A", "O" & "G" up and left, then slide the "G" to the right into the gap next to the "H" and finally slide the "O", "A" & "S" to the right then down, then slide the "G" to the left.
There is a trick you can do to help you get out of a seemingly impossible situation, take a look at the next picture so you can see what I mean.
Little known cheat

By putting a letter in the crossroads and moving a tile up from the bottom then moving the letter back from the crossroads you create a blocking piece allowing you to direct the flow. In the above picture I moved the "A" to the right then moved the "H" up which got blocked by the "A" then moved the "A" back again. Imagine the "M" was at the top and not next to the "S", with the"H" where it is now you can then put the "M" next to the "A" or the "S", without the "H" where it is now you could only move the "M" down as it would go past the crossroads. You can also create a blocking piece on the left allowing you to move pieces on the right up or down instead of only to the left.

The Painting puzzle game

The painting puzzle is great fun and there's not a lot of advice to give on this one.
Painting by the numbers
To play this game tap on a paint pot then tap on a shape to fill it with that color. You've beat the puzzle when you've filled all the shapes and none of them are touching another shape filled with the same color. Sounds easy enough. The best advice I can give is to start filling shapes with one color until there are no more shapes you can fill in without them touching, then pick another color and repeat. If you make a mistake there is a reset button bottom left. Also, if you've accidentally filled a shape with the wrong color you don't have to reset, you can simply tap on another paint pot and fill over the color with a different one, this will save you time.

Find the pairs puzzle game

The classic puzzle game of finding all the pairs against the clock.
Find the pairs puzzle game
The best way to beat this game is to be methodical. Don't tap random cards! Start at the top left and reveal the cards from left to right memorizing them as you go. It's the best way. Don't forget to use an extra time token (bottom right) if you're close but the clock is running out.

The Picture Slider Puzzle Game

These are just like those little plastic puzzles you used to get for Christmas in your stocking or even in a good Christmas cracker.
Picture Slider

Now if you're quick enough you will see the computer shuffle them up and then all you have to do is back track the computers moves. You have to be quick and attentive to catch what the computer did, good luck!

The Towers of Hanoi Game

This puzzle is as old as the hills and luckily it starts off very easy.
The Towers of Hanoi
There are only four blocks to move in the first world, the Aztec Zone. All the blocks start off stacked on top of each other on the left and you need to get them stacked up in the same order on the right. The catch is that you can't place a bigger block on to a smaller block. The secret to solving this puzzle game is to think 3 steps ahead. You simply tap a stand and the top most block will rise, then tap a stand that you want it to move to. I'm going to give you the quickest solution for the easy one. 1-2, 1-3, 2-3, 1-2, 3-1, 3-2, 1-2, 1-3, 2-3, 2-1, 3-1, 2-3, 1-2, 1-3 and 2-3 , done.

The Adventure Game

This puzzle took it's idea from a very old TV show called The Adventure Game.
The Adventure Game

There are no instructions for this game you have to figure it out yourself by trial and error, just like the contestants had to do on the TV show. Luckily for you I'm going to explain what you have to do. You need to make your way from the left to the right by tapping on the shapes, you can not move diagonally. In the first two zones, the Aztec and the Egypt, all you have to do is find a shape that is either the same color or the same shape adjacent to the shape you are on. There are of course many different paths that lead you to a dead end, when you hit a dead end you must trace your steps back to find another path. If you put a foot wrong you will lose one of the hearts beneath the grid, make three wrong moves and it's game over.
There is a harder version in the last world the Vegas Zone, as well as same color or shape you can also move onto a shape with the same number of sides. Here's a video of the original game on TV over 30 years ago!

Solitaire Board Game

This puzzle is a lot harder than it looks.
Solitaire Puzzle Game
Unless you know the secret that is. Shall I tell or should I let you work it out yourself? Let me think...
Because you've read this far I think you deserve to know the secret, all you have to do is leave the center stone until last but one and you can't lose.

The Dice Puzzle Game

This game needs a mention because it also doesn't have any instructions, mainly because it doesn't really need any.
The Dice Puzzle
All you have to do is tap the dice to rotate them, I've already lined up all the dice on the left so that the colors match top and bottom. Then I'm working my way up from the bottom on the second row matching the tops, bottoms and the left hand side with the dice on the first row. You get the idea.

Game Show Adventure has the best puzzle games for Android

All the above puzzles have many different combinations giving hundreds of puzzles between them but there are a lot more besides, far too many to mention in one article like this. Here are a few more screen shots just so you can see how vast this Android game is, it's truly breathtaking!

Mastermind Board Game


 Connect 4 Board Game

Connect 4

Spot the Difference Puzzle Game

Spot the Difference
 OK, that's enough for now. There are also 60 word search puzzles, 50 marble mazes, chess boards, 3D mazes and there are more puzzle games being added on a monthly basis. Game Show Adventure also has Deal or No Deal, gamble games, card games, camel racing, slots, roulette, Frogger, Pacman and other arcade games. Thousands upon thousands of quizzes, true or false and wheels of fortune. Nothing like this game exists and probably never will. Work has started on adding another world, Carnival Land. For now you can enjoy the challenges of The Aztec World, The Egypt Zone and Vegas! Download the game free for Android here: Pub Quiz Games

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